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Readers often tell me that they only need a page or two to decide Aster Wood is for them. And good news - I'm running a special offer at the moment. For a limited time, fill your eReaders with the first three books in the Aster Wood series at a generous discount.

Now for just $5.99, read all three of the first Aster Wood books…

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Praise for Aster Wood

"I can't possibly list all the things I liked about the book. Wonderful imagination coupled with great writing makes this middle grade novel a real gem."-Amazon Reviewer

"My son could not put down the first two books of the series. It was refreshing to see him more interested in books than video games."-Amazon Reviewer

"A FANTASTIC middle grade adventure that will keep your kids hooked from page one."-Amazon Reviewer

"The Aster Wood series is one of those I can see myself reading again. There are so many layers of good and evil, and so many things happening to our hero--one read could never be sufficient to truly comprehend it all." - Amazon Reviewer

"The whole Aster Wood series has been impossible to stop reading!" - Amazon Reviewer

"Another page turner - I find myself sitting down with books from these series and mostly not getting up until I am done." - Amazon Reviewer

"Nice mix of sci-fi and fantasy, these books have some new theories of how the universe works that keep you turning the pages for more. Can't wait for the next one!" - Amazon Reviewer