Hello, Readers!

This week I’m reviewing the second book in my monthly book review, 100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson.

Wow. This book blew me away. It’s firmly set in the Middle Grade Fantasy genre, which I thought I’d outgrown, but no way.


This book is my jam.

Henry, our main character, is spending his summer in Henry, Kansas (a real place), with his cousin Henrietta. (Henry, Henry, Henry!) Behind the attic wall where he is keeping his bedroom, Henry discovers a series of 99 cupboards that lead to other worlds. Together, he and Henrietta find the key to “Grandfather’s Room” and begin to read his journals and explore some of the cupboards. 

Through one cupboard they discover a post office. Another, a beautiful city where all are dancing and full of life. And yet another, a terrifying world Henry refuses to enter. 

Soon, he and Henrietta find themselves in trouble and in need of help. He is surprised when they find that Uncle Frank, Henrietta’s father, has a lifetime’s worth of secrets to share with them about his own father, “Grandfather,” and his own experiences traversing through the cupboards. 


And we are left with the question: where, exactly, is Henry from?

This book was an absolute delight to read, and I immediately bought the next in the series. The story is sweet and appropriate for young kiddos, and the prose is out of this world. I highly recommend it for hungry minds ages 10-100! 


Next week, my big day finally arrives!

The last in the Lens series, The Guardian, will be released! Keep an eye out for my announcement! 

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Until next week, happy reading!


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