The Werewolf Upstairs – Book 4

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When Gramps brings home a live werewolf just before Halloween, both Zander and Abigail are left on their own to try to keep him contained. But there’s no containing a werewolf. Soon, Abigail’s mom joins the effort to learn about this strange wolf-man, and she helps to unlock the secret of why he hasn’t taken human form in over twenty years. Can they all work together to help this creature return to his life as a human? Or will he stay a wolf forever?

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“Absolutely perfect for everyone in the family.”

“An excellent and clean paranormal read for mid to upper elementary grade students.”

“ I loved the characters, and the numerous moments of levity in this book! J.B. Cantwell continues to produce quality reading materials that's fun for any age! Two thumbs up!!”

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