Zombied – Book 2

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When Zander Casey’s new best friend, Abigail, winds up injured during a dangerous encounter with a zombie, he has no choice but to help his family stop the strange outbreak of undead in Plainsbury. But the counter-curse he’s acquired doesn’t knock back the biters as he had expected it to, and he finds himself on the run to avoid being bitten, himself. Now, Zander must venture into the home of Plainsbury’s only remaining witch to determine how to save his friend from a spell so ancient, so evil, that even witches cringe with fear at its power.

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“Absolutely perfect for everyone in the family.”

“An excellent and clean paranormal read for mid to upper elementary grade students.”

“ I loved the characters, and the numerous moments of levity in this book! J.B. Cantwell continues to produce quality reading materials that's fun for any age! Two thumbs up!!”

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