Hey, everyone!

I think some of you may already know this, but I’ve been working behind the scenes on a Young Adult Epic Fantasy project called Light Chaser for the past little bit. (Don’t worry, the two remaining books in the Lens series, The Champion and The Guardian, are still headed your way, too!) I’ll have a lot more to tell you in coming weeks about Light Chaser, but the first order of business is to let you know that each week I’ll be releasing a new short story set in the Light Chaser world! Sign up for my mailing list at the form below and you can get them straight to your in box every Friday for FREE!

If you happen to be the type who prefers paper books over digital, I’ll be setting up a limited print run of the first three stories, Starfall, The Sleeping Tree, and Dragon Bone! Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement with the link to pick them up!

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Until next time, happy reading!


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