Wild Lands – Light Chaser Book 1

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A young woman on the run. A world at war. A gift for magic beyond measure.

16-year-old Bree of the kingdom of Eagleview is breaking out of the city that has sought to suppress her magical talent since the day she was born. As soon as she reaches her seventeenth birthday, she will be banished by those in the kingdom who have bitterly watched
her talent grow.

She sets off to find a new home where her magic is welcome, but she soon finds her light chaser father is in her way, walking the same path away from Eagleview. He is trekking to the giant, grand animals who guard liquid-light magic in the lands beyond the kingdom. He will steal their magic to sell back home.

But as they travel together, they soon find a war is brewing between the ancient, wicked sorcerer, Torin, and all who oppose his dark magic.

When others join the hunt for light, and Bree’s magic turns deadly, she realizes there are far
worse things in the world than having a light chaser father to contend with.

Appropriate for age 14+. No sex, minimal swearing, and violence.

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