Hello, Readers!

I know I’ve been absent of late, but I have a good reason. 

I’ve been setting up my own store on Shopify to allow readers to buy books directly from me! 

Doesn’t it sound like a great time for you to buy some paperbacks for your kids and grandkids? Perfect for some fun back-to-school reading. 

You can visit the site here. 

In the store you’ll find both my 6th Grade Supernatural and Aster Wood books available in both Ebook and Paperback formats. I’ve also got the Light Chaser Short Story Anthology available for sale as well. AND I’ve got a code for you to get 10% off your entire order! 

Just enter in the word AUGUST at check out to apply your 10% discount!

I hope that you enjoy the store. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems getting your books by emailing support@jbcantwell.com.

Until next time …

Happy Reading!


P.S. I’ve been cheating on my monthly reading resolution of late, but I will be back on track this week with an update. Stay tuned!