In 2021, I want to write a blog titled, “How I Wrote One-Million Words in One Year!” And yes, I know this is my first blog post and that’s a mighty big number… but I think I can do it and I’d love to have you along for the adventure! Plus, to put things into perspective, the entire Lord of the Rings series (including The Hobbit) is 576,459 words [1] and the Harry Potter book series contains 1,084,170 words [2]! I intend to write 1,000,000 words this year. That’s about a 1 to 350-page book per month. These are all NEW words, not edited! And of course there are plenty of reasons why I would NOT want to do this, but there are some even better reasons for me to go for it:


  1. I already write about 700,000 unedited words per year. Pushing to hit 1,000,000 might not be as impossible as it sounds.
  2. I’m used to writing around 2,000 words per day. This goal means that I need to write 2,740 words per day. Not so bad.
  3. I can write up to 1,200 words per focused hour (with focused being the important word here). Each day I have about 6 hours I can spend on work and writing. You might think, “Hey, if she’s got 6 hours to write, she should be able to hit 7,200 words a day easily!” Um … no. If you’ve ever heard anything about being in a “flow” state of mind, you’ll understand that it takes some work to get there. And “flow” isn’t always attainable every single day. Or even every single week. But can I get those words down on paper? YES! Will they be perfect? NO! That’s what editing is for!
  4. I have a long list of short stories that I’m writing for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign in support of my Light Chaser series. If you’re familiar with my work of late, you’ll know that I’ve been writing 120,000 word novels over the past couple years. Writing in (much) shorter format has been a fun change so far, and I’m looking forward to doing more. In fact, I intend to complete at least 15 short stories to go along with this new series, so it’s a new adventure every day right now!
  5. A few weeks ago, I told my newsletter that I was committing to writing 3 hours every day. That has been harder than I thought to do! I’m finding that I can get two solid hours in there, and then I pick up the slack later in the day and get those last few words in. Sometimes I don’t make it past that 2,740 mark, and some days I write like a madwoman and get much higher word counts. The other day, I hit 5,835 when a “short” story I was working on simply refused to be short!
  6. I’ve got some big ideas in the works for my books starting in May with my Kickstarter campaign. After I’ve completed my Lens series (sometime in April before I get to editing it in June), I’ll be switching over to YA epic fantasy and the Light Chaser series. 5 books. 6 months. Total madness.


  1. I’ve got two special needs kiddos who sometimes take my focus away from work (just like any kiddos might). We have some medical stuff going on this year that will require some time in the hospital, but hey, that’s what laptops and Nintendo Switches are for. (Don’t worry, nothing life threatening. Just a lot of waiting around.)
  2. Sometimes it’s harder to finish a project when you have to finish a project. Deadlines can be, well, deadly.
  3. Sometimes life gets in the way. It just does.


  • If the work gets going, and I find that it just isn’t measuring up, I will take a step back and reassess. So far, I feel like I’m on a good roll. I suppose that when my next book, The Champion, (LINK) comes out March 2nd, the proof will be in the pudding. 

So, as with everything, there are both good things and bad things about a project like this. Is it possible? Yes, I believe so. Will it be easy? It’s already proving to be a challenge. That said, to date I’ve written 112,544 words! And it’s February 17th!

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I’ll be back next week to talk about prolific authors in history and some of these fun short stories that’ll be coming your way soon.  Stick around!  Happy reading!